Wednesday, July 18, 2007

first day back

I was gone for a week in the hotness of florida summer. I expected to come back and find the place in complete disarray. But even though it was chaotic by the look of the guestbook there is a new volunteer and he did a fantastic job cleaning up the place...I am sure there are messes hiding.

Last Wednesday at the height strung-outness i was checking someone out and heard 3 girls yell 1-2-3-4... by the time i looked up there was monopoly money flying through the air and the girls stood there giggling. i said "seriously?!" then joined in with their laughter, because what else could you do? a second later i collapsed on the floor in hystericallness. I couldn't yell at them, they picked it all up... though i am still finding money scattered about. I found a large quanity today stuffed in a purse with the dress up clothes. When i went to put it back into the game i found it was checked out. Of course.

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