Saturday, January 17, 2009

Just a little of this and that....

  • I just told a boy to get off a car that he was standing on (to get a toy off a higher shelf) and he told me I was causing trouble. This kid has the ability to twist it around every time I discipline him. Like I am the one in trouble! It is half defiant, half guilt trip. It is truly is amazing. I don't know where these kids get it from, the lack of respect. I want to know where the respect went. I had the fear put into me when I was a child. You never talked back to an adult, EVER! And it is not just at this library or in this neighborhood... I have noticed it everywhere.
  • I am receiving a grant from the Greater Rochester Health Foundation to buy new physical active toys for the library. I had a volunteer who is grant savvy help me apply for it. She did an amazing job, as did the grant writer in our main office. I wouldn't have been able to do it myself. So I get to buy stuff to give away to families, centers, schools and providers PLUS I get quite a bit of money to buy new items! I spent it in approximately 5 seconds through Lakeshore. Yea! More tricycles!
  • I love that I am getting new toys that promote physical activity. The whole reason I was so passionate about applying for this grant was because I have noticed a high energy level in kids after they have been in school all day long. They need to be able to release it in a safe place, out of the cold and off the streets. The library is it. So I have begun to try and clear some space for kids to run around more. They are pretty much allowed to do whatever as long as they’re not getting hurt, they’re not hurting someone else, my collection, the shelves and they are genuinely being respectful of the room (and me).

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