Wednesday, June 17, 2009

And then the wall came down...

Getting to work today was a bit of a hassle. I'm tired and I was kind of running late as it was, then I couldn't find a spot in my lot because of a bigwig staff meeting so I had to park on the street. Coffee in hand I walk in kind of confused... a wall was missing. This is the funny part about working for a library in such a large system. You plan things for years and years and they may or may not happen. There are meetings every week and brainstorming and the moving of furniture and books. And then you wait. For a very long time... you wait for the plans to fall into place. And then all of sudden you walk into work and the wall is gone. So I knew this was happening eventually, but I had no warning it was going to happen today... It feels like the whole world is upside-down-turned-around.

There was a wall that created a hallway leading to my toy library. That wall is now gone to make more room for the teen center. Next they will move my doorway into the middle of the wall... maybe about 10-15 feet to the right. I think that I'll have more visibility to the library so all in all its a good change.

On another note... 1 week until school lets out. I am not prepared in the least (mentally or physically). I still have to clean up the shelves so old mess doesn't get in the way of new mess. I still have 100 bags missing pieces. And then last but not least I have many donations to put into the system.

I need an IV of caffeine.

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