Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Passion of Toys

"Finishing a jigsaw means you have restored something that was ugly and useless to begin with" -From the book review of The Pattern in the Carpet By Margaret Drabble.

My most favorite thing in the world is when people talk about their work and what they're passionate about. I have heard many stories from engineers, musicians, librarians, and the best of all, cooks. I have friends that are cooks,waitresses and a couple that have been to culinary school. Some of the best conversations I've had in my life were about food. It wasn't just about the eating or the cooking... It's the art form of both.I would hope that anyone who has chosen a career would have some passion for it.

While reading Drabble's book review a thought occurred to me. I rarely put into words why I love what I do. I share stories about parents and silly questions. I talk a lot about the naughty kids that come in here. Friends of mine know them by name or instance. But I don't know many other people who can talk about toys, games and playing with passion. It's probably why I keep it in, not many people can relate to it. Maybe it's because we were supposed to leave all that stuff in our childhood.

But I'm growing up with these toys...

This place has become as intertwined with my life in as it has with the people who come into it. I have been apart of some family's lives for the whole 4 years. The babies I first met are in pre-school this year. I have met mothers, seen them through their pregnancies and now can watch those babies run (not walk) around this library. I have watched children from this neighborhood grow-up. I try to have this place grow-up with them. I talk about the children in here like they are my own. They're my babies. I feel awful when I have to discipline some of them. Well, I have mentioned some of those things. This is what I think I forget to talk about...

Toys are amazing things. They are a unit of communication, they bring people together. Children are able to make up their own world, games and rules-with toys. Their ability to play freely is a something I take for granted. I forget that all kids didn't have the childhood I did with the safe streets and kids my own age to play with. The streets aren't safe around here. They are becoming the best versions of themselves in this room. This is where they have the ability to be themselves. There are many educational things I could say here as well, but that just isn't my style. I'm not a teacher, simply a toybrarian.

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