Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Favorite Toys

I tried to spread it out a little bit and pick toys from all over the spectrum (baby toys to active play toys), but my opinions are a little biased towards the puzzle-problem solving toys. Enjoy!

Connect Four 
BESTEST GAME EVER, (in my opnion of course). This is a game that I just don't get sick of playing.
P.S. Last year my ma bought it for me for Christmas... I am very competitive  :-)

This is my favorite game to play in here. I find that children will watch as I play it and then all of a sudden there is a line and competitions. It definitely hold their attention for quite a while.
(Bonus is that it helps with small motor and aiming skills)

The one pictured here is a generic brand but the ones I am most familiar with are made by Discovery Toy. I love that they (again) are multi-faceted toys. They are creative, small motor skills, problem solving and FUN!

Corn Popper Push Along
This is a completely classic toy (to me). I wish more infant/toddler toys made real noises instead of the electronic sounds they tend to make now.

The first time I found these it took me a day to solve it. Considering I am a puzzle addict, that says something.

I saw that they actually still produce and sell these and I was uber-excited. I played with Legos as a child also, but these were just better because they could move.

When these were donated to the library the woman told me that it is an ageless toy, that small children as well as teenagers would enjoy playing with them. After she left, I played with them for an hour. It's a great item to teach stacking and nesting, but (i think) that they are better used creatively.

This one happens to be Melissa and Doug (a favorite brand), but i prefer wooden to plastic in general. I also think that they are used more often when a table is involved and the same set-up is used all the time. Though I do like how creativity and problem solving are used in creating and completing different tracks.

I know this is a brand and not just a toy, but I couldn't choose one!

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