Monday, May 17, 2010

Budget Crisis, As Per Usual

I have to say, I am kind of proud of working for the City of Rochester....

  • All branch libraries will remain open and some hours will be extended. We are not closing a firehouse, nor are we reducing the number of police officers on the street.
For as long as I have been in the library system I have never cut in employees or a library close. I think that is pretty great. We may cut hours once in a while but then something like this happens... and it's kind of like a glimmer of sun. 

"Library hours are expanded from 36 hours to 70 hours per week at the Sully Branch Library located in the new Thomas P. Ryan Center enabling youth to enjoy physical activities in the evening at the Thomas P. Ryan Center and then go down the hallway and read in the Sully Branch."-City Budget

I kind of giggle at the idea of kids going from the rec center to the library to read a book. I was visiting there last week. As per usual with any library, there was way more going on than just reading  :-)

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