Monday, July 19, 2010

Words From My Days...

My days have become a cloud of all these statements. I go home exhausted. There are more children, more to do and less people to do it. More mess. More Noise. Brain hurts.

Don't climb on the horse!
Don’t throw the baby dolls!
Share the ball.
Can we play the game where you listen to me?
Go tell/ask/find your sister/brother/ parent.
Please stop talking back .
Don’t throw the ball at her .
Can’t come in yet kids, there is a group in here .
Want to play Connect Four/ Mr. Mouth/ Mancala with me?
Please don't come behind my desk there are way more fun things to play with out there.
Baby cakes, sugar, darling, dude, dear...
Everyone cleans up until the room is clean.
No food allowed in the library .
Come back in here when you have a better attitude, please .
Stop climbing on the horse!
You’re inside not outside!
Simmer down por favor!
Where is your grown-up?
Be good, Meghan has already had a busy day
Stop running.
Stop chasing him/her.
Don't you think you're too big for that?
This is a kids room, please act like it.
Clean up your mess.
Please stop yelling.
Just pretend this is a normal library.
Please don't crash into my desk.

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