Monday, October 15, 2007

non-book unbelievers

I attempted to find smart articles to put in here, i went through one database and came up with basically nothing. I was disheartened.

I read one article about how great this children's room was at some unnamed library. It was great now only because it had gotten rid of their toy collection in the library. They had done this by choice, you know because toys had too many pieces, there was a constant mess and the librarians had become over paid babysitters. I have these thoughts every day i walk into this room, but its part of the library, now its part of me. That sounds corny, but I care.

The perspective the article was in was a printist perspective. She was happy to get rid of the toys because they weren't books. It's a library, people should read. Thats what she thought. But what about 1 year olds? They can't read, they can listen, but the words have no meaning, they would much rather be shaking a rattle.

There is an attitude towards non-book materials. You can see it in how the collection is handled. Unless they are movies and cds, they are hidden in corners or in filing cabinets. Look around the library, my room is the corner of the library, no one knows its here until either their children run back here, or there is a sign by the hallway leading to the door. Maps and pamphlets are hidden in drawers, art work put into a corner, the list could go on. There is little or no budget, the collection depends on donations and volunteers. The only way to prove themselves is with use, videos have done it, toys are next.

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