Saturday, December 15, 2007

Job Appreciation

There are little things that float around in my mind after I leave work at the end of the day. Later when its quiet I'll think about them and this silly smile will appear my face. Its little things that happen that make me appreciate this room and mostly what it does for people.

  • A little 3 yr old girl who I've known for almost 2 years but just started speaking with me 2 months ago came up to my desk with her mother and simply said "como estas?" when i replied "muy bien, y tu?" she was a bit taken back. She was so happy I understood her. Later I showed her mom the new spanish puzzle cards, maybe it will help.
  • A classroom came in for the first time last week. The children impatiently sat in front of my desk as I attempted to explain the rules. One little boy stood and showed me the toys in his pocket while his other class mates sat there murmuring to themselves "I have toys at home..." I love it. They made the connection.
  • I have large sets of legos in tupperware containers. These sets don't get counted, they just float in and out. One boy will check out the sets and return both the set and then on top of the set in a seperate bag is what he built. He likes it when i put it on display.

Once in a while these things happen all in a week and I know that this room makes a difference, I'm just helping it along.

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