Saturday, December 15, 2007

One week in a Toy Library

“Toy libraries must drive librarians crazy…all thetypes and parts with no real way to organize thecollection. Maybe that is what we should use to testnew DLIS people coming into the program. If they canwork one week in a toy library they will be allowed inthe program. Hum? ;-)”
-John Ellison
I recieved this remark today from a professor on an assignment. I had to take pictures and make atleast 10 reccomendations for a non-book service as part of a library. It was hard considering i made recomendations for the place i worked-I was judging the rooom at the same time i was judging myself as someone who is in charge of the room. It’s hard to be objective.
I believe what he wrote though, this room is chaos personified. Everyone should have training in an non-book environment, all LIS students should have to see the oppisite of a library before they work in one. This room is everything a typical library isn’t.
Perhaps I’ll post the assignment later on.

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