Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The What I Did This Week Post

All of these things probably happened in the last week. Honestly my days are consistently blending togther more and more. With my hectic schedule, I can't remember what i wore yesterday.

I am finishing up my MLIS in 3 weeks. Right now I am taking two classes. Both professors seem to think that we don't have lives. Oh well, 3 weeks left of the summer of schooling. I wanted to say hell, but I genuinely like being in school so that wouldn't be accurate. I just bombarded myself with stuff.

Not only am I busy with school... it is summer here at the Toy Library. It hasn't reached chaos yet, but it has had its moments. Summer camps come in in addition to the centers, families and providers that already come in. So there is large massive groups... then silence. I have watched counselors/ teachers/ babysitters (whatever they would like to call themselves) be completely engaged with the children as much as I have watched them completely ignore the kids. I try and just sit here and not interfere. It isn't my place.

Anyway, here are some memorable moments:

  • Providers (women, both in their 50's) play pictionary until they realize the kids made a horrible mess. Upon me saying they might need help because they dragged kitchen sets across the room, they did finally help the kids out. This makes me happy.

  • I pretended to be a Teen Librarian, talk with 10 kids about what books they like to read or want to read. One 13 year girl says she likes to read Junie B Jones. She was embarrassed and nervous when I talked to her.

  • I was probably pretending to be cool when I was talking with the teens. I got nothing to back it up though.

  • I am working short days (9-1 instead of 10-6) and I fear that I am missing out on some patrons coming in. I genuinely miss them.

  • I can't find the $1 bills for the Dogopoly game.Or the $10 bills for the Astronomy Monopoly.

  • After putting the food sets back together for the third time I officially took it off the shelf until fall. I'm over it.

  • I cleaned up the games, it felt good to see straightened shelves for a day.

  • A counselor (grown man) came in for state toys, "do I have a Mexico puzzle?"

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