Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day in the Life: Day 2

10:00 am: Walk into work and fill out my time card (tomorrow is pay day! Woohoo!)

10:05: Attempt to open my door for the Toy Library and it's stuck... finally get it open and realize the construction guys were working on it yesterday and added a piece that forces the door to shut. That would be all fine and dandy IF they added the kickstand part at the bottom of the door. The cleaner found something to wedge underneath for now. I still fear it will randomly shut.

10:10: I then realize that since my door was moved into the middle of the library, I have no signage. It's just a blank doorway... kind of boring. So I wandered around the library saying over and over again I needed a BIG sign. I took the toy library sign out of the window for now... but eventually I want a banner of some sort to go over the doorway.

10:15: Check my e-mail, see the job posting I've been waiting for. I printed it out and then within 15 minutes the children's librarian AND my boss printed it out and brought it to me. Should I be taking a hint? Ha!

10:30: Decide to make copies of the instructions for the donations I did on Monday. It took me like 4 tries to get them to copy correctly on our new fancy copier... but then i cut them up, stapled them together and put the originals in the filing binders.

My volunteer came in around this time and stayed until 12:30 or so. We sat at the desk, she counted toys to make sure the bag/ game was complete and we chatted about whatever has been happening the last week since she came in. I tried to get a few things out of my bin, counted up a backpack set... ate a snack, read a few blogs. You know, the easy stuff.

1:30: Not sure what the rest of the day is going to entail. I'm waiting on a group now... I'm energized enough to do some cleaning and organizing, but I fear I'll be interrupted halfway through because my lunch break is in 30 minutes...

2:40-5:30: After returning from lunch the day has been a random blur of chit chat with a teacher, random children who have come in, and the mess that is my desk. I cleared off the desk itself and put to use a fancy new wooden organizer. Behind my desk is a whole other story. I have bins of toys and half filled bags of toys. Every single toy in the bins go somewhere, that is the reassuring part about all of this. It's just a matter of finding where...

Tomorrow I need to talk to graphics about my BIG sign idea.

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