Thursday, August 13, 2009

Random Miscellaneous Donations

So at work yesterday (while away at lunch), I received 4 boxes of donations. I know I have gone into my rant about "not-so-good" donations before and I won't do it again. It was some dress-up clothes which were cool, some funky purses and an Easy Back Oven. Those were the highlights. The purses and clothing are now in one combined box. Those will stay.

And then there was this bag hidden in a box. It was chock full of randomness. It was a lot of McDonald's toys. It was pieces of toys, toys that once probably belonged to a set, I don't know. It was the bag of brightly colored plastic. It was amusing to say the least. So I had a fashion show for the toys and took pictures. I uploaded them into this Photo Album for your viewing pleasure.

It was a slow day, that is my only excuse. And by the way, these extra donations is what makes me love this job so much.

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