Saturday, June 5, 2010

Games that Adults Play

So for once, instead of talking about kids and toys, I will talk about adults and the games we like to play. And by "we" I mean my little world of people.
Apples to Apples has been a favorite in my household for a while now. There are red cards and green cards. At least 4 people are needed to play, but it's really more the merrier. Each person is dealt 7 red cards, and then one person, each round, is picked to be the judge. They pick up a green card and put it in the center of the table. The others all place a red card down from their hand trying to pick the card with the best association to the green card. The judge then picks he winner. It is a simple game of word associations, but what makes it fun for us is the strategy of knowing the person well enough to guess what they would pick. Hilarity typically ensues.

We used to play LCR at family picnics and parties. There are chips shown as score keepers, but we used to play with dollar bills. You would start with $3, and if you rolled the dice and it came up "L, C and R", you would put one to the left, one in the center and then one to the right. The black dot meant you were safe and could keep it. You take turns clockwise around a table until there is only one left still rolling (and they kept the pot).

Another dice game that I just learned how to play recently is Greed. There is an official game with "greed" dice but I played a simpler version. All you need are 6 dice and the set of scoring rules. It is easy to learn. And highly competitive towards the end.You have to roll 500 to get on the scoring board and then we played up to 10,000, but you have to score 10,000 exactly, no going over.

My family is not allowed to play Taboo anymore. It's been over 5 years now, and no one can really remember why we're not allowed to play... maybe us girls were cheating? I guess that shows how competitive we are. Anyway, this is another word association game, but you're not allowed to say one particular word. You're trying to get your team to say it in a designated amount of time. There is a buzzer involved, which can get quite obnoxious, but I have never played this game without laughing hysterically.

I would be maimed if I didn't mention Euchre. I actually forgot about it until I went and asked the circulation desk what games they typically play. I will admit right now that I don't know how to play. I have been taught a couple times. Every party we have at our house turns into a Euchre game. It is one of those games that people take so seriously. I have pictures from the Euchre games. The look on the people's faces is ferocious. It is one of the most competitive games I have ever witnessed. And this is why I fear playing again. I'll stick with my Connect Four.

And now, I want to know... What are the games you play at parties or gatherings?

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