Saturday, June 12, 2010

Toy Story

So, I am not a big fan of movies based on books (especially when the screenplay comes out at the same time as the book like Dan Brown) Or movies remade 20 years after the original (Hairspray). Or... movies that are remakes of movies made in other countries (Death at a Funeral). Not that I'm a movie snob or anything :-)

On the other hand, I do like movies based on toys. It is kind of hard to believe that the original came out 15 years ago. I was young enough at the time that it was "cool" to watch it. That same year it came out, I think I wanted a Mr. Potato Head for Christmas. And it was because of the movie.

I find it exciting to see toys that have been in not only my life, my my parents life (and soon to be my niece's or nephew's life!) as characters in movies. I don't think that kids quite grasp that... that it was a toy before a character. And it's not that it even matters that they get it, but in hindsight it is pretty cool.

The other reason I really liked this movie is that the characters (and the toys) are still popular. Disney hasn't created too many sustainable movies and/or characters since Toy Story. The seem to be popular for a bit and than vanish into memories. I grew up in the Disney Princess era of Disney. The princesses are still popular. I am not going to say if the movies were better or worse than now. They are a whole lot funnier now!

I have a little boy who comes in here with his parents. He is 3 years old, his two brothers are over 10. He is absolutely in love with Woody and Buzz.(You should have seen his face when I showed him a new Buzz Lightyear toy with a spaceship!) I have a Woody doll behind my desk on display. Without fail, when he comes in, it is the first thing  he asks for. I asked his mom how he knew who Woody was... a valid question considering the movie came out over 10 years before he was born... and it was from his brothers who continued to watch the movie with him. Then I realized how much of a classic it had become...

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  1. Hey Meghan! Kohl's currently has stuffed Buzz, Woody and the dinosaur for 5 bucks each.
    Miss you.